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What are achievements in tactical warrior?

Achievements are not only a goal to look out for, but they can make your parties better, buy at the start of each game, you can add an item linked to a achievement.  The harder achivements are, the better the reward will be!  The also let you look better on Game center, 

Muncher----- Stale Bread--- win a battle with 5 items equipped.

This achivement is one of the easiest in the game.  All that it requires is a party of 3 and 5 items.  You just  attach the items to all of your characters and then win a battle.  Stale bread Ala mode.

This guy is almost half way there!  You'd think by being that far he would have the item though, wouldn't you?


Hi Harold 

Brute-----Tattered tunic---win a battle using only barbarians.

This achievement is also an easy one.  You get this by having a barbarian and completing any mission that uses only one guy, which there are plenty of at the beggining of the act 1. Not Much skill need here. whoppdee doo.

In the picture on the right you see that only one guy has been used, just like i described above.  You see sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words.  Or 96 to be exact.  you just counted the words didn't you.

Striker-----parchment of skill---deal 50 damage in one warriors turn.

The first part to getting this achievement easily is to have an alchemist.  With this, you can get the achievement within the first 3-5 levels of the game.  You want to upgrade the skill flame potion as much as possible.  Then if you have one, add any item of skill on this charactar, to make a critical chance rate.


 Next you will want to go into a battle with multiple units


 As you can see in this battle, I have just used flame potion, and more importantly, dealed more then 50 damage in one turn.  In fact I dealed 112 damage, 28 of it to my blue guy though.  I don't know if that would count with the achievement though.

 Enjoy your parchment of skill! 



Parchment of skill gives a 15% for a critical. 

Diversifier-----cup of vinegar---Collect two items of each color

Diversifier is another one of the easier ones. I got it shortly into the game, without even realizing that I was getting it.  To get this one though, you should always be aware of what items you already have, and then what colors you need to get.  And you should probably only try to do battles that give items if you want to get this achievement fast.  A cup of vinegar lets you regenerate 5 stamina per turn.  Have good luck getting this item!

Bottler---win any battle using only potion attacks---oil of fury

This one is a harder one, and I only used one alchemist to do this, though I don't recommend it.  What the strategy is here is to get as many alchemists as you can, and if you have any extra units left over use a barbarian as a meat wall.  Then just fire away at your opponents like there is no tommorow.


An oil of fury lets all attacks cost 8 stamina less for the first 5 turns of battle.  Have good luck getting this achievement! 

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