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On one of my accounts, I made a best combo with 4 junglers.  They are boss together because 8 falcons attacking at once is devastating and you don't even need to do anything.  Your enemies will either die or come closer to you where you can use boomerang.  (Usually the items that I have equipped on my jungleman are the bottle of venom and then a woolen vest or other defensive item.  In wave battles I put the strongest bread or scone item I have) 

Boomerang has a 30% chance to stun, and if you have level 8 stun methods, you get a 24% extra, and then with pepper coating you get even greater, a 40% bonus. That makes it so then you almost always stun your opponent with a 70% chance combined to stun.  Then the falcons come in and poison sets in (poison methods + bottle of venom) and make it so your opponent is stunned and taking massive damage, even if they are heavily resitant to ranged attacks.  

This is the set that I use for all my characters in that campaign:

Falcon 8

Boomerang 5

Pepper Coating 8

Stun Methods 8

Poison Methods 8

Regeneration Or Vitality 8


Bottle Of Venom

Woolen Vest or Double Scone


Riley, or TacticalWarrior.  Call me what ever

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