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How are Items good?  They are almost passive skills, but without a level, they are powerful things, that can decide battles.  They are part of the strategy

Stale Bread---+2 HP per turn

This is sort of the shunned item in this game, but hey, it is really better then nothing.  It gives a 

+2 HP per turn

bonus, and can really compliment regeneration on any unit.  Who knows, maybe that 2 HP could be the difference of a game.


Stale Bread gives a +2 HP per turn bonus.

Cup of vinegar---+5 Stamina per turn

This is another one of the hated times in tactical warrior, but it is useful for battles where your charactar needs maximum stamina and he can attack at all times.  This is needed for gladiators with either buckler bash or fiery darts.  

                                        + 5 stamina per turn

This is an orange item 


Parchment of Skill--- +15% crit rate

The parchment of skill is great for any character who relies on criticals, such as barbarian's warcry, or the badgers rock toss. (I will help people how to get a badger on their team), It's just an overall good thing to have.

Some people don't know exactly what a critical is.  What it is, is a special effect where 150% damage is done.

 +15% Critical Rate 

Tattered Tunic---+ 0/3/0 defense

The tattered tunic is an item useful when fighting archers.  It is seen only in act one.  It becomes almost useless afterwards, being replaced by other ranged defense items, such as combat tunic or studded Tunic.

It works the best when facing archers with the attacks arrow volley and also range finder.

+ 0/3/0 Defense 

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